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Overhaul your business website and revive your brand

Are you satisfied with your business website? Do you feel that your website is in a creative rut? Are your customers visiting your website? If they are visiting then how is the conversion? These are questions that haunt most business owners across Australia.

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We are living in a digital age where the attention span of a customer or prospect is less than 10 seconds. A poorly designed website can directly impact the credibility of your business. Businesses often overlook conversions and customer erosions due to the lack of analytical capabilities on the business website. If your business website is not able to attract new customers then your website needs an overhaul.

Below are few best practices that will enable your website to revive your brand

Signs that your business website needs an Overhaul

High Bounce Rate

An unswervingly high bounce rate implies that it is time to overhaul your business website. High bounce rate results in a destitute user experience as potential customers and prospects will not be able to discover the website's products and services

Tech Issues

If your business website is taking too much time to load then your customers will perceive it as inefficiency and a lack of technical know-how. Customers nowadays do not have the patience to wait for your business website to load, instead, they will go to your competitors even if you have a better deal. Mobile compatibility is a must for all websites and any outdated websites will look muddled on mobile devices. Businesses need to fix and streamline such technical website challenges before considering an overhaul.

Low conversion

If your website does not influence conversion then it's time for an overhaul.

Conversions are critical for business success and low conversions can result in appalling losses over some time. Such low conversions could be caused due to the lack of UX Navigation and optimization.


Businesses are hesitant to update their website due to the cost factor involvement. If your business website is not updated for the past year then your website needs an overhaul. If not up to date, the website will be deficient in new trend inclinations and practices which could help the business to gain leads with conversion potential.

How to overhaul Your Website


If your business has an existing website and it is not up to the mark then you must analyze what could be the central issue and should break it down further into factors like design and your business brand alignment, navigation ease, loading time, etc.…all such details will enable the overhaul team to focus on the core issues affecting the website.

Analytics Capability

Data should be an integral part of any business website. The data must include details ranging from geography to page visits. Analytical capabilities on a business website will enable you to strategize and outline market outreach programs based on the data insights.

Refocusing on Target Audience

Target audience keeps changing hence your business website should adopt a persona that matches the taste of your audience. Starting from minute details like color, font, style, etc. Matters a lot to the digital customer as it builds perceptions about your business brand.

Conduct Content Audit

Having a business website is not enough, the website should possess capabilities to reach the masses. The content of your business website should drive organic search traffic and conversions. The content should be relevant and current. When you conduct a content audit, there should be unbiassed decisions to exclude irrelevant content from the business website which is not adding any value towards the marketing initiatives.

Conduct SEO Audit

SEO is vital for wider reach hence it is critical for business websites to become SEO compatible. Keywords are key to SEO success hence, there should be enough content with keywords that will facilitate better search yield.

There exist many more intricate stages that can overhaul and unleash your business website's potential.