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The METAWEB Website User Experience (UX) Explained

When we here at METAWEB build and design a custom website for a client, we always place a huge emphasis on the website user experience or the UX. This means that dedicated time and consideration is given to the feel, function and usability of the website design so that the eventual visitors to the website actually enjoy to use and visit it.

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To achieve this, we have fine-tuned a formula over the past nine plus years (METAWEB was founded in 2009!) that takes six important factors into account. These are focused on usefulness, usability, desirability, findability, accessibility and credibility.


Each and every website on the internet is built and designed for a particular purpose. This is always at the forefront of our user experience design ethos when we create and design a custom website. After liaising with a client and agreeing on the brief for the project, we confirm the main purpose of the website. So for a new clothing company based purely online with no bricks-and-mortar store, their website exists to make sales.

In this instance the website has to derive its usefulness in being an effective online shop. With custom website design the sky is the limit. So by keeping the focus on the main uses and purpose of the website, this does not get distracted from or watered down by the countless design possibilities. Establishing and maintaining the main usefulness of a website is a huge factor which influences the UX.


To optimise the user experience (UX), a website should be a pleasure to use. At METAWEB, this thinking informs every part of our custom design process so that it is consciously designed with the end user in mind at all times. With this mentality woven into the fabrics of our designs, clients appreciate the user feedback they receive when their websites are launched are their customers interact with them.

When the user interface and usability aspects of a website are well executed, the likes of bounce rates are known to drop while time spent browsing on the website increases. This is because the design features appeal to website visitors and make their user experience a positive one that they enjoy undertaking. What business / brand does not want their website visitors (i.e. potential customers) to enjoy spending time on one of their platforms?


At this stage, the frontend elements of website design really get to shine. This includes the likes of colours, fonts, pictures and graphics etc. as these design elements can be sensually arresting and appreciated by website visitors. When combined together and rendered by our custom website design experts, your website design receives a powerful and desirable edge.

Various studies and research from over the years have shown that people connect to and react to the likes of colours and images to evoke emotion and feeling. It is these elements which can form a tangible desirability whereby your website visitors have another reason to visit your website.

With each visit, your business and brand name becomes more and more familiar to the visitor. Therefore it remains on their 'mindshelf' so to speak; so when these visitors need a product or service that you offer, they are primed to visitor your website and convert.

As you can see from above, the elements of usefulness, usability and desirability are three essential pillars to a positive user experience. Here at METAWEB, we pride ourselves on staying true to and delivering on each of these fronts to make sure that your custom website design comes with an expert UX.